Introducing the Sigma
Fast fun and affordable!

The editors of Popular Mechanics Magazine selected the Sigma Sport Plane for the cover of their November Issue. Get behind the controls of the Sigma and your dreams of adventure will begin.

The high wing placement ensures convenient boarding, short takeoff roll, and improved view of the landscape.

The Sigma is a perfect solution for flight training, recreation and a variety of purposes with the addition of floats and skis. The viewing from the cabin is 360 degrees. The baggage area can accommodate 175 lbs.

Samara VVV-Avia has been designing and manufacturing light aircraft for a number of years. These aircraft have been accepted by a special aircraft performance board in Russia. Each aircraft is tested by test pilots prior to registration.

  • FAA Approved SLSA
  • VNE, Never Exceed Speed: 149 mph.
  • VA Max. Maneuvering Speed: 99 mph.
  • VSO Stall Speed, Full Flaps: 43 mph.
  • Useful Load 573 lbs.
  • Empty Weight 750 lbs.
  • Gross Weight 1320 lbs.
  • Max Level Speed 124 mph.
  • Stall Speed 46 mph.
  • Climb Rate 1181 ft/min.
  • Take Off Roll 328 ft.
  • Range 440 mls.
  • Engine Rotax ULS 100 HP
  • Propeller Ground Adjustable
  • Wing Span 32 feet
  • Length 20 feet
  • Fuel Capacity 17 gallons
  • Cabin Width 48 inches