Great American Aircraft started as an idea to renovate high performance twin piston aircraft such as the Piper P-Navajo and the Beech Duke.

The Renovation Process

We spend a great deal finding and purchasing low-time, undamaged aircraft to offer our clients. After purchase, each aircraft is put through a painstaking renovation process that involving airframe, power plant, avionics and cosmetic upgrade.

First, all aircrafts logbooks are reviewed for accuracy and completeness. FAA forms 337's Airworthiness Directive and Mandatory Service Bulletins are then checked for compliance.

Second, The engines are sent out for overhaul. This is perhaps the most important aspect of the renovation. There are only a few overhaul shops in the country that specialize in the complete overhaul and reassembly of certain aircraft engines. We have chosen Midwest Aircraft, Inc. in Newton Kansas as our vendor for this process on the P-Navajo. Dennis Collins and his team of trained experts do very good work. They work directly with us on every aspect of the power plant reconditioning process of your aircraft.

Next, each aircraft is sent to the paint shop for a complete stripping of its existing paint. All fiberglass parts are removed and repaired. Sheet metal and bodywork is completed before the aircraft is primed and painted in one of our paint schemes. You may have an option at this point to create a paint design that suite your personal or corporate tastes. We have chosen two vendors for our paint process; Cimarron Aircraft in El Reno, Oklahoma and Woodlake Aircraft Refinishing in Sandwich, IL. Both shops have excellent reputations and are nationally renowned.

When the paint is cured, the aircraft are sent to the Avionics Place, Inc. in Rockford, IL. Tony and his staff will begin the task of updating the front office of your aircraft. If your timing is right, you may be able to choose the components that best suit your needs. Whether you prefer King, Garmin or a combination thereof, your aircraft will have state-of-the-art GPS mapping capability combined with NEXRAD and METAR uplink. We can even show you what the avionics suite of your dreams will look like before it is installed for you.

The Final Step
Finally, The final step in the process is to retool the interior of the aircraft. Our goal is to offer an aircraft interior that reflects the taste and design consistent with today's modern aircrafts. Typically, a combination of leather, fabric, and finished wood produce a comfortable and tasteful aircraft interior that anyone would be proud to own. But if you prefer something more exotic we can design it for you also. We can also install a DVD entertainment package or high performance digital stereo system. When it comes to custom interior work for you aircraft, just remember, truly the sky is the limit.